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Install license manager WordPress plugin

The app now needs a license server to validate and activate against.

CopyProtectSoftware for .NET works in tandem with its License Manager component which is installed as a wordpress plugin on your own domain.

The License Manager plugin is easily integrated into payment providers and download forms, for fully automated license sales, generation and software delivery.


Install license manager wordpress plugin

Install and activate latest version of the CopyProtectSoftware license manager WordPress plugin into a WordPress site.


Create a Product

You now need to create a product that has the same software code as the one you used in the DLL settings.

Here’s an example.

CpsSettings.SoftwareCode = "product1";

The software code needs to be the same as the product setup in the license manager.


Create a License Generator

To create a license to test your app, you will need to create a license generator first.

A license generator is simply a routine that the license manager uses to auto create licenses with pre-configured settings.

Licenses are typically auto-created when:

  • somebody fills out a download form, or
  • when a payment provider sends an IPN (instant payment notification) about somebody buying your software.

To create a license generator:

Click on the License Generators sub-menu, and then

Fill out some basic details that describe a license in Generator Details.

As a minimum you need to also enter in some email details.

That should be enough to associate with a test license – which we will create next.


Create a Test License

View the Licenses main screen and then create a new manual license.

The Transaction ID is the activation code that needs to be put into your software’s activation form.

You can make this up for a manually created license.

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